There are magical moments every day

...if we choose to see them.

Those seemingly ordinary moments always seem to be what we want to remember most.

Your husband's crooked smile, slobbery kisses from your 6-month-old, and the mess when baking your favorite chocolate chip cookies together. Each family has a beautifully unique story to be told and capturing those moments is my favorite thing to do.

Capturing what makes your family...yours.

Jaeger Haus Photography

parents with toddler in flowery field
mom and grown kids in the sand
family of five sitting outside

Kelsey Jaeger

Candid, Natural Photography in Southwest Florida

Hi friend! I'm Kelsey!

I'm a mom, a Bradenton local, and a professional photographer.

My photography journey started almost 10 years ago, originally working with brands such as Plated, Aveeno, and Dr. Axe. But now I focus all of my time on serving families and couples.

I love creating photography that means something and showcases your love! I love to take photos that can hang on the walls of homes for decades, helping families relive life's most magical moments again and again. You can learn more about me here.

Let's Make Memories

Whether you are planning a spontaneous elopement, or just need some fresh photos of your family before your children get too big, there's always a reason to book a professional photoshoot.

Reach out today so we can lock in a date for your photo shoot so you can preserve this season of your life, and these memories forever.

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