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Congrats, you’re getting married! Obviously, you’re focused on planning a wedding and preparing for marriage. While many couples overlook their season of engagement, rushing through as fast as possible, the smart ones savor it.

Marriage is amazing and gets better over time. But engagement is a unique season where romance, fun, and excitement are at an all-time high. Savor this season by capturing your love and preserving these memories forever. Whether you're engaged at 22, 42, or 62, you'll want to remember the look in each other's eyes as you prepare to say "I do."

I promise that you will look back on these photos just as often as you look at your wedding photos, wishing you could relive these moments one more time.

Sarasota Engagement Photo Locations

Sarasota is full of romantic destinations for your engagement shoot.

Sunset on the beach? Stunning.

Rolling fields of green? Of course.

Kayaking the mangrove tunnels? If you want, we can figure it out together!

Personally, I love taking photos on the beaches of Lido Key and Siesta Key. The lighting during the sunset is gorgeous any day of the year. Plus, dune grass and greenery provide a variety of different shots.

But if the beach isn't your thing, the hills of Celery Fields, one of the many nature preserves in the area, or the bayfront area of Sarasota are great choices, too.

Sarasota FL Engagement Photographer

My name is Kelsey Jaeger. As a passionate and artistic Sarasota engagement photographer, I absolutely love taking photos of couples. 

I want these photos to hang on your wall, right alongside your wedding photos for the next 50 years. I want you to look at these photos and remember the raw emotions you felt during this time, the romance that was burning inside of you, and the anticipation of saying “I do.”

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