Beautiful Sarasota Family Portraits

Every day is full of magical moments. The ordinary moments are the ones that matter most, yet are the ones most easily forgotten. 

The way your baby smiles when they grab a handful of sand, the way your toddler holds your hand, and the look on your children's faces when mom and dad kiss. These moments matter and they need to be captured.

As a family photographer in Sarasota, FL, these are the exact moments I love to capture. These are the photos you will look back on weekly for the rest of your lives. Let’s make them beautiful.

Kelsey Jaeger | Family Photographer Sarasota

Hi, I'm Kelsey one of the most passionate Sarasota family photographers in the area!

I live just a few minutes away from downtown Sarasota and its breathtaking beaches with my husband and two young boys. And I absolutely love connecting with local families, as well as those on vacation in the area.

Let's plan a dreamy photo shoot so you can remember this time with your kiddos forever!

Let's Make Magic Together

Family Photographers Sarasota Florida - Getting Started

I can't wait to hear from you about your sweet family and what type of photos you're hoping to take during our photo shoot together here in Sarasota.

Family sessions start at $475

(+$75 if including extended family)

Send me a message using this form and I'll get back to you right away, so we can book your date and prepare for an easy, fun photo shoot.

Planning Your Family Photo Shoot

Family Photographer Sarasota FL

As a local Sarasota family photographer, my goal is to help you choose a location perfect for your family, what's important to you, and what will best capture your family's magic.

Many families head straight to the beach on Lido or Siesta Key during the sunset (the lighting is just perfect nearly every day of the year). There are quite a few beach spots that mix plentiful white sand with dune grass and seagrape trees to create stunning photos.

Other families prefer the tall grasses and endless greenery at Celery Fields. And still, others would rather find a unique that isn't commonly used for a photo shoot (ask me for recommendations).

Use the form below to send me a message so we can put together the ideal photo shoot for your beautiful family.

Working With a Sarasota Family Portrait Photographer

I focus on taking outdoor family photos using natural light. And while I can help guide you into certain poses and positions, I prefer to allow families to act naturally together on the beach or wherever we are for your photoshoot.

That means running, playing, etc. This makes it a little bit easier to manage kids during a photoshoot (which I know is stressful for parents).

I do my best to keep everyone engaged and to move quickly to maximize fun and minimize any stress.

Wardrobe Tips From Your Sarasota Florida Family Photographer

Want to make your photos timeless? Part of that is your wardrobe choices. First and foremost, dress like YOU. But also, it's best if you can;

  • Avoid clothing with logos, graphics, or words
  • Avoid bright colors
  • Avoid crazy patterns (unless it's an intentional choice)
  • Keep things out of your pocket (like phones and wallets)

Solid, neutral-colored clothing is often the best choice. You can check this post for some more inspiration.

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