Cherish This Short Season of Life

Engagement photos are so important for remembering this short but important season of your life. It's easy to rush through these moments, trying to get to your wedding day as quickly as possible.

But the problem is that so many couples plan a beautiful wedding, get married, and later regret the fact that they don't have any engagement photos to look back on. They don't have anything that can help them relive this season of romance, excitement, and desire.

It's a season you'll never get to live through again. And although marriage is absolutely amazing, your engagement is something that should be celebrated and preserved forever.

Siesta Key Engagement Photos

The cool thing about engagement photos is that they can take place anywhere. And oftentimes, they can take place in multiple locations.

Rather than limiting yourself to a wedding venue, you get to choose a place that is important to you, or that is simply beautiful. For many couples, Siesta Key is that place.

So many people travel here every year for their family vacations. It becomes a part of their history, and the island as a whole is sentimental. Getting engaged here just makes sense, since it's gorgeous and it has meaning for them.

And even if it doesn't and you've never been here before, it's still the perfect place for photos. After all, the beaches on Siesta Key are consistently ranked some of the best in the country.

So yes, if you're looking for a stunning backdrop to capture and preserve your engagement, this is the place. I have some absolute favorite spots here that will craft the most beautiful photos, which will become a permanent part of your love story (some of those places are listed here).

Kelsey Jaeger

Siesta Key Engagement Photographer

Hi, I’m Kelsey Jaeger, an engagement photographer living just a few miles away from Siesta Key.

I'm lucky enough to spend a lot of time on Siesta Key, so I'm familiar with the best spots and times to go for the best lighting.

I can't wait to meet you and help you capture stunning photos of you and your future spouse!

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Why I Love Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are unique. Sure, wedding photos are 'more important.' But wedding photos are meant to capture one day, a single moment in time. They exist to document the entirety of your wedding day, and they focus on everything from guests to your ceremony, to dancing with your friends.

But engagement photos aren't about capturing a specific moment. They are about capturing YOU. Engagement photos are meant to capture the essence of a couple and personality of a couple. During engagement shoots, couples tend to be themselves more so than they might do on their wedding day.

And this translates so well to the photos. Honestly, you'll be so glad you have these to look back on alongside your wedding photos in 10 or 20 years.

Engagement Portfolio

Want to see other engagement photos I've taken in the area? Check out my full portfolio here.