Family Photography on Siesta Key

Are you enjoying a vacation to the 2nd best beach in America? Siesta Key is one of the most beautiful places in Florida, as well as the country.

And your kids are probably having a blast in the soft, powdery sand that lines this incredible island. Whether they are experiencing this beach for the first time, or are here for the 100th time, each visit to the ocean is special.

When you're at the beach, kids come alive in a new way, and the passion for play is real. These are the moments worth remembering, worth savoring, and worth revisiting time and time again. 

As one of the most passionate and artistic family photographers in Siesta Key FL, these are the exact moments I seek to capture and preserve so that you can revisit them as often as you like, for decades to come.

My goal is to take breathtaking, natural photos of you and your family to showcase the curiosity, wonder, and love inside each of you. No cheesy poses, just raw love, and joy.

(OK, maybe just a few cheesy poses)

Siesta Key Family Photographer | Kelsey Jaeger

Hi, I'm Kelsey Jaeger! I live right here in Bradenton/Sarasota area, just a few miles away from Siesta Key.

I absolutely love taking photos of families here during the sunset. The lighting is perfect almost every night of the year, making for stunning photos.

I can't wait to meet you and capture your family's magical moments to preserve forever in a place that is just as special to you as it is to me.

Let's Get Started

Ready to plan your family photo shoot on this gorgeous island?

Family sessions are $475

(+$75 to include extended family since it takes quite a bit longer)

Fill out this form to send me a message so we can book your date and plan the perfect Siesta Key session.

Planning the Perfect Family Photo Shoot on Siesta Key

When people come to Siesta Key, they come for one thing - the beach. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing beaches on the island that is also perfect photo spots.

Some of the main beaches aren't the best for photos, since they can be overcrowded. Plus, the greenery at some of them is sparse, making it harder to get good photos.

Luckily, as one of the best Siesta Key Beach family photographers in the area, there are a few spots that I recommend, that are literally so close to the main beaches and easy to access. Not only do they have beautiful, sugar-white sand, but they have large areas of dune grass as well as seagrape trees which can provide a stunning, tropical background and a nice variety to your photos.

Make sure to send me a message using the form below so that we can choose the ideal spot for you and your family, based on where you are staying and what you are hoping your photos will look like.

Working With a Family Photographer Siesta Key Florida


Family photos aren't easy. As a parent of two wild boys, I know how stressful it can be to dress your kids up and try and get a few decent photos before they go wild.

I do my best to make our photo shoots as easy and relaxed as possible. I like to move quickly, keeping the entire family engaged, rather than trying to hold stiff poses for long periods at a time.

Plus, since we're taking outdoor portraits on the beach, the best photos are going to be candid ones. So let your kids run around and play. Throw them on your shoulders and be silly. Trust me, these are going to be the images you look back on day after day, for years and years to come.

What Should We Wear?

siesta key beach family photographers

You should wear something that looks like YOU! But you should also try to wear something that:

  • Doesn't have large logos, words, or graphics
  • Doesn't have bright colors
  • Doesn't have crazy patterns (unless you really like crazy patterns).

Also, try to leave wallets and phones in the car, as they can often be seen in pockets. Here are some more wardrobe tips for your photoshoot.

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