Photographing Your Perfect Day in Siesta Key

Hi, I’m Kelsey Jaeger, a family and wedding photographer in Siesta Key FL, and around the Sarasota area.

I love how photos can tell a story. And your love story is the most important story of all.

I hope the wedding photos that I take will hang on your walls for the next 60 years. I hope you look at these photos every week (if not daily), remembering the emotions you felt on that special day.

I hope you can relive this moment again and again in the future. I hope there are tears of joy. And I hope these photos are the spark you need during hard times.

Wedding on the White Sands of Siesta Key

My goal during your wedding is to make the process as easy as possible for you. I want you to focus on saying “I do” and celebrating with your loved ones. I will focus on the photos, ensuring I capture every meaningful moment, as well as the in-between moments that you might have missed.

Let’s plan to take the most beautiful, most authentic photos of a wedding that you’ve ever seen. Fill out this form so we can start chatting juicy details and lock in your wedding date as soon as possible. 

Tips for Planning Your Siesta Key Wedding

Siesta Key is a hot spot for barefoot weddings on the beach. And understandably so, given that it's ranked the second-best beach in the entire country.

There are numerous wedding options on Siesta Key.

You can choose a DIY wedding on the beach. You'll need a permit from the city, which is much easier to get than with other nearby beaches, like Anna Maria Island. The easiest way to do this is by working with a Siesta Key Planner who can help you get a permit, set up chairs, and install a backdrop or canopy.

Tropical Breeze Resort is an all-in-one option, able to host both a ceremony on the sand with a reception in their facility (either the Pool House or The Garden).

Another option is to get married at one of the many Sarasota venues in the city (not on the island of Siesta Key), then sneak out for some photos on the beach between your ceremony and reception.

Choose a Venue Wisely

Some of these wedding venues and planners have in-house photographers or a list of contracted photographers. Certain venues may prefer you utilize their photographers, while others allow you to bring your own photographer (such as myself!)

The problem with wedding venue photographers is that you don’t get choose a photographer based on their style. You are assigned a photographer based on availability and need to accept whatever wedding photography styles they focus on.

Also, in-house photographers generally only take photos for about an hour during your ceremony. So those important shots of getting ready, having a first look, and those late-night dances with your loved ones will probably get skipped. 

If you want to work with stylized Siesta Key wedding photographers, who focus on capturing authentic, dreamy, and emotional photos, and who are taking photos for hours on end, make sure to choose a venue and/or planner that allows you to hire a photographer of your choosing. After all, you only get wedding photos once. Make sure you are going to love them.

Kelsey Jaeger | Siesta Key Wedding Photographer

Hi, I'm Kelsey Jaeger, a Southwest Florida local. I live just a few short miles from Siesta Key, and love spending time here as much as possible (and of course, taking lots of photos).

The lighting during the sunset is perfect for photoshoots year-round. It's a dream to get married here, and I can't wait to meet you and help make it happen!

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