A few tips when thinking about what to wear to your shoot

  1. Skip words and logos on clothing as they can draw the eye. Stray away from bright and neon colors or busy graphics. 
  2. Dress like yourself and be comfortable! Having everyone comfortable will help everyone enjoy their time more and loosen up. Let kiddos also have something comfortable on so we can catch their movement and candid moments of your family!
  3. Have fun and don't be afraid of color! While we want to generally stay away from bright and bold colors because they can cause "color glow' on faces, muted and neutral colors will be your friend.
  4. Don't Stress! Remember your pictures are for YOU. Don't waste time worrying about having the perfect outfit for everyone. Most importantly, we want to capture those magical moments that make your family yours. Your child's perfectly cheesy smile and the way your significant other gives you that special look will steal the show over any outfit that you choose.

Ready to Plan Your Photo Shoot?

Send me a message to start planning your photo shoot here in Southwest Florida, or ask anything about what to wear, where to go, etc.